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The concept of non-standard structural parts and the prospect of processing
Release Date:2017-2-23 9:12:21  Source:Lu Dun Machinery Manufacturing

Non-standard structural parts is a non-standard structural parts, the state does not have a unified production standards, there is no certain shape structure, but can bear the role of the load structure.
In the construction or civil engineering industry, the structural parts are made of a material, with a certain shape, and can withstand the load of the entity. Such as: the structure of concrete blocks, the cement precast panels and pillars of the cement block building, the base of the machine, the shell of the electrical product, and the shells of the electrical objects Internal brackets, aircraft internal skeleton, furniture frame and so on.
At present, the processing of non-standard structural parts has become one of the basic processing methods in the process of manufacturing complex structures. The annual production of welded structures in major industrial countries around the world accounts for about 45% of the steel production. The welding structure saves metal raw materials compared with other processing methods, the production process is simple, the manufacturing cycle is short, and can produce other structures difficult to complete the structure. At the same time, the welding process and welding will produce considerable welding residual stress and welding deformation, affecting the quality of finished products. Therefore, the study of structural parts of the welding process and welding deformation, and strive to improve the level of enterprise structural parts, with great practical significance and economic value.
In today's economically developed societies, welded structural parts have been widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, automobiles, bridges, marine drilling, and high-rise building metal structures. The world's major industrial countries use about 45% %about. The reason why the welding structure has been so rapid because it has a series of advantages: ① compared with the riveting it can save 15% to 20% of the metal material.

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